Download Eve (JPN) – 廻人 (Kaizin) Album Zip

Eve (JPN) returns with a new album “廻人 (Kaizin)” and we got it for you, download fast and feel the vibes.

This album is available for your fast download.

Album Tracklist :

1. 廻人 (Kaizin) (Instrumental)
2. 廻廻奇譚 (Kaikai Kitan)
3. 夜は仄か (Yoruwahonoka)
4. 遊生夢死 (Yuseiboushi)
5. 暴徒 (Bouto)
6. 平行線 (Heikousen)
8. 蒼のワルツ (Ao No Waltz)
9. 心海 (Shinkai)
10. 群青讃歌 (Gunjo Sanka)
11. 言の葉 (Kotonoha)
12. 藍才 (Aisai)
13. 退屈を再演しないで (Taikutsu o Saien Shinaide)
14. アヴァン (Avant)

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